Thursday, 3 March 2016

Turkeys voting for Christmas

 We have been leaving those Nobirds boys alone for a year or two now but looking at tourblog the other day I couldn't help but smile when I looked at the Poll Are the Nobirds Lads Crop? Ten people have voted they are not and I started to think who are these ten people, should we build another wing onto Hollywell Hospital to accommodate these lunatics. On further reflection I thought the only people who doesn't think the Nobirds are crop are the Nobirds lads and then the penny dropped. Four members of the records committee, 3 on the non existent NIBA Committee and four on the NIBirds Blog Team and hey presto ten!! To be fair to them they are like the Shinners they mobilised their vote to the maximum.
Nobirds now unbelievably have three shite blogs on the go, not content with one load of nonsense they now have three!! Did anyone go for the Nobirds Montagues Harrier the other day, we hope you did, why do they report these things? Three Blogs but no Bird Reports as yet, eight years and counting, a job well done I think
Here are some young Iceland Gull photos from the last week or twop