Thursday, 28 April 2016

Raven Mad / Glossy Ibis

 Nobirds have gone all Raven mad on us, and it came out of nowhere we were not really expecting that! Here are some displaying Ruff at Dargan just mildly more interesting than reports of Ravens.
But some bird news at last yesterday afternoon 2 GLOSSY IBIS were seen in flight at Carryduff heading east (Billy Miskelly)

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

radio nicebirding

who needs the religion? listen to this! It's all become clear to me now

We are here to educate you

What a weekend of education Nobirds provided us, well as they have said "we are here to educate you" and boy they delivered in spades. I have to say when I read about the Colossal views of the White Tailed Eagle I had to ring up my old English teacher and shout abuse down the phone! Surely Colossal is an adjective but then my teacher said "its not those Nobirds boys again" and he was right and I calmed down. He did say Colossal is an adjective but not in Nobirds Land. Now the White Tailed Eagle could be described as "Colossal" but "colossal views" I am not so sure.
So I looked up the meaning of Colossal and informal whacking is interesting in Nobirds terms!! (see below)
It was extra good of the Nobirds guys to educate us more, well we do need it when they pointed out the size difference between the White Tailed Eagle and the Buzzard , hey we wouldn't have noticed, cheers! Great photos by the way!
Here are 2 pictures of an almost white Black Tailed Godwit from Ardmore on Sunday I did not have colossal views of it, I had shite views of it (another adjective I think!). A calling Corncrake was nearby, the sounds were brobdingmagian (again see below)
Adjective: Colossal extremely large or great.
huge, massive, enormous, gigantic, very big, very large, great, giant, mammoth, vast, cosmic, immense, tremendous, mighty, stupendous, monumental, epic, prodigious, mountainous, monstrous, titanic, towering, elephantine, king-sized, king-size, gargantuan, Herculean, Brobdingnagian;

 The godwit is the white blob at the back

Friday, 22 April 2016


He might have been bonkers but we will miss him....

It is not difficult to get links from Prince to Nobirds, he lived half way round the world from Northern Ireland so there is little doubt that Nobirds would have asked him to join their records committee, help with all those records of American Wood Warblers we get and Prince was brilliant and Nobirds are shite, its not that difficult really

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

I miss Flapline

The Green Sandpiper above has just visited the Nobirds page!! Lets face it they are shite. Anyone go for the large Raptor in Antrim? What about the juvenile Golden Eagle in the Antrim Hills, had to snigger at that one a good two months before juveniles fledge in Scotland they must be breeding in the Antrim Hills and breeding early!! I hope the Records Committee accept that one!! Its large raptor silly season with Nobirds with another Golden Eagle in the Antrim Hills (14th April) must be one of the adults of the juvenile!! The 31st March post about a Buzzard at Whitehead was classic more likely a White Tailed Eagle, post the bloody description let us all decide! They upgraded the Eagle at Toome on 29th March to a White Tailed after a shaky start, there are more Eagles in Nobirds Land than there are on Mull, why people go there to look at Eagles is beyond me just look into the Nobirds Sky they are everywhere!
I see they have put a Police Crimestoppers number up I think I will ring it and ask them if they can stop the crimes against Northern Ireland Birding that those Toossers are perpetuating!
They continue to report sightings of one of our rarest breeding birds the Red Kite during the breeding season one which they repeatedly report is near the nest site, wise up just wise up again after a big lengthy post about Red Kites on 5th May! Read your own bloody posts as well as posting photographs of another rare breeding bird at or near their nest site again you litterly couldn't make it up and this was after a big announcement that were not were posting birds at the nest
Looks like they posted the wrong photo of the Scandinavian Rock Pipit on 30th March would be nice to see the photo of the Scandinavian
Finally the only bird worth a toot last weekend the female American Wigeon they reported it from the WRONG location, it was actually seen at the RSPB Reserve why do they get these things wrong? Surely if they left their garden sheds and went and looked for these things they would know, most of the stay at home Nobirders live within 10 mile of the reserve many even closer! Too much like hard work, much better to look out the shed windows at the migrating flocks of Eagles
Here are some photos of a Hoopoe, Cormorant and Long Legged Buzzard none of which were taken in Northern Ireland although no doubt they will start reporting Long Legged Buzzards in the Antrim Hills as they do like to nest near pairs of Golden Eagles
I miss Flapline

Thursday, 7 April 2016

radio nicebirding

Hugo Shavez, anotrher New Nobirds Committee Member

Nobirds have gone and done it again and outwitted everyone and appointed another new member for their records committee, who would have thought they had so many records to assess, it does go to show Northern Ireland is the place to Bird watch! They have once again gone "foreign" as it worked so well for them the last time. They had gone from producing 0 bird reports a year and then non elected UKs Martin Garner and the Middle Easts (that's Dubai, UAE and Johny Foreigner country's like that not Pomroy or Ballygobackwards) Oscar Campbell and went into overdrive upped their game and produced a stunning 0 bird reports per year!! It was a policy only the top brass could have thought off, we all know who!! Time for another stroke beard meeting a shake of those spectacles.
So this time then have went Greek and went for Hugo Shavez who lives on a rocky field at Agiagoss in Lesvos. Hugo is a sprightly 116 and specializes in Ruppelss Warbler and Cinererous Bunting id something which should come in handy for those record committee meetings. As of yet Hugo doesn't know where all the money has gone, but Hugo thinks they should invest some of it in Lettuce rather than nights out drinking, flights for committee members or holidays. Not saying that is where some of the money has gone but you can just never guess the Nobirds crew!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

radio nicebirding

New Nobirds Commitee Member

The exciting news in Northern Ireland Birding (if 18 Buzzards in Co. Armagh per Nobirds can be exceeded) is that a new Northern Ireland Birdwatchers Association Rare Birds Record Committee have appointed a new member to speed things along. They have not printed a report in 9 years yes nine (sorry I had to print it incase numbers made you dizzy) years and have decided they need some young blood to liven things up and get a report out to the expectant members who are paying £10 a year! (is that £10,000 they have in the coffers?) So they have elected Terry McGarry Tortoise on to the records committee, Terry who is only aged 84 (eighty four) is charged with all the old unpublished records being published and to quote Terry "we will have a Nobirds Report out before Hitlers Reincarnation". Terry is pictured here last week in Lesvos where he admitted that he only took on the job because head honcho Larry McGarry promised unrivalled use of his back lawn for grazing and also part time use of his spectacles which he can use in the his acting career as Terry is marketing himself as a part time Lothario on the circuit and thinks the Larry Tortoise look will be a hit with the Tortoises of South Belfast or else the bath Turtles of Lurgan. Bizarre I know but mostly true. Get well soon M