Thursday, 7 April 2016

Hugo Shavez, anotrher New Nobirds Committee Member

Nobirds have gone and done it again and outwitted everyone and appointed another new member for their records committee, who would have thought they had so many records to assess, it does go to show Northern Ireland is the place to Bird watch! They have once again gone "foreign" as it worked so well for them the last time. They had gone from producing 0 bird reports a year and then non elected UKs Martin Garner and the Middle Easts (that's Dubai, UAE and Johny Foreigner country's like that not Pomroy or Ballygobackwards) Oscar Campbell and went into overdrive upped their game and produced a stunning 0 bird reports per year!! It was a policy only the top brass could have thought off, we all know who!! Time for another stroke beard meeting a shake of those spectacles.
So this time then have went Greek and went for Hugo Shavez who lives on a rocky field at Agiagoss in Lesvos. Hugo is a sprightly 116 and specializes in Ruppelss Warbler and Cinererous Bunting id something which should come in handy for those record committee meetings. As of yet Hugo doesn't know where all the money has gone, but Hugo thinks they should invest some of it in Lettuce rather than nights out drinking, flights for committee members or holidays. Not saying that is where some of the money has gone but you can just never guess the Nobirds crew!