Tuesday, 19 April 2016

I miss Flapline

The Green Sandpiper above has just visited the Nobirds page!! Lets face it they are shite. Anyone go for the large Raptor in Antrim? What about the juvenile Golden Eagle in the Antrim Hills, had to snigger at that one a good two months before juveniles fledge in Scotland they must be breeding in the Antrim Hills and breeding early!! I hope the Records Committee accept that one!! Its large raptor silly season with Nobirds with another Golden Eagle in the Antrim Hills (14th April) must be one of the adults of the juvenile!! The 31st March post about a Buzzard at Whitehead was classic more likely a White Tailed Eagle, post the bloody description let us all decide! They upgraded the Eagle at Toome on 29th March to a White Tailed after a shaky start, there are more Eagles in Nobirds Land than there are on Mull, why people go there to look at Eagles is beyond me just look into the Nobirds Sky they are everywhere!
I see they have put a Police Crimestoppers number up I think I will ring it and ask them if they can stop the crimes against Northern Ireland Birding that those Toossers are perpetuating!
They continue to report sightings of one of our rarest breeding birds the Red Kite during the breeding season one which they repeatedly report is near the nest site, wise up just wise up again after a big lengthy post about Red Kites on 5th May! Read your own bloody posts as well as posting photographs of another rare breeding bird at or near their nest site again you litterly couldn't make it up and this was after a big announcement that were not were posting birds at the nest
Looks like they posted the wrong photo of the Scandinavian Rock Pipit on 30th March would be nice to see the photo of the Scandinavian
Finally the only bird worth a toot last weekend the female American Wigeon they reported it from the WRONG location, it was actually seen at the RSPB Reserve why do they get these things wrong? Surely if they left their garden sheds and went and looked for these things they would know, most of the stay at home Nobirders live within 10 mile of the reserve many even closer! Too much like hard work, much better to look out the shed windows at the migrating flocks of Eagles
Here are some photos of a Hoopoe, Cormorant and Long Legged Buzzard none of which were taken in Northern Ireland although no doubt they will start reporting Long Legged Buzzards in the Antrim Hills as they do like to nest near pairs of Golden Eagles
I miss Flapline