Wednesday, 6 April 2016

New Nobirds Commitee Member

The exciting news in Northern Ireland Birding (if 18 Buzzards in Co. Armagh per Nobirds can be exceeded) is that a new Northern Ireland Birdwatchers Association Rare Birds Record Committee have appointed a new member to speed things along. They have not printed a report in 9 years yes nine (sorry I had to print it incase numbers made you dizzy) years and have decided they need some young blood to liven things up and get a report out to the expectant members who are paying £10 a year! (is that £10,000 they have in the coffers?) So they have elected Terry McGarry Tortoise on to the records committee, Terry who is only aged 84 (eighty four) is charged with all the old unpublished records being published and to quote Terry "we will have a Nobirds Report out before Hitlers Reincarnation". Terry is pictured here last week in Lesvos where he admitted that he only took on the job because head honcho Larry McGarry promised unrivalled use of his back lawn for grazing and also part time use of his spectacles which he can use in the his acting career as Terry is marketing himself as a part time Lothario on the circuit and thinks the Larry Tortoise look will be a hit with the Tortoises of South Belfast or else the bath Turtles of Lurgan. Bizarre I know but mostly true. Get well soon M