Wednesday, 11 May 2016


 Flip me its still all mad in Nobirds Land with at least 21 Eagles now on the loose in Northern Ireland. Presumed, suspected, badly photographed, not photographed, escaped, captive, wild, presumed wild, presumed escaped I think the only thing we can presume is that Nobirds need their ears cleaned out a job for Larry I think. People are ringing them up and saying we have seen a Beagle and Nobirds guys are going all flippity folppity and reporting them as Eagles all over the show. This shows the problem with reporting unsubstantiated claims it just encourages the general public to report more of them, simple but beyond the grasp of Nobirds. Hiding behind the old "we just report what is sent to us" is cowardly. What we do know is that there is at least one genuine White Tailed Eagle and two Golden Eagles seen in the period April / May. Whether these three birds are genuine vagrants, released birds or escapes no one knows. Eagles are wide ranging birds especially White Tailed Eagles and without descriptions or good quality photos no one knows although from photos ive seen at least two of the sightings refer to the same bird. April / may is the time for Golden Eagle in Northern Ireland so the situation is probably not any different to any other year when we have a White Tailed Eagle and near annual Golden Eagle on the loose. There are however plenty of Beagles on the loose in Northern Ireland, some more photos from Lesvos!