Monday, 9 May 2016

Belted Kingfisher Nobirds Style!

What a shambles Nobirds made of the Kingfisher, if only they had published the description. Majella believes the sighting and with a nod to Shakespeare and Larry's well pressed slacks and Garry's funny funky routine and Hairy Harrys Kingfishers know how and who is Barry, I think this sums it up nicely! As Judge Judy says I don't keep her because she is a pretty face!

Sonnet Number 155   
(Taking Up Where the Bard Left Off) 
Me and ma' homies gone fishin' for a king 
with ma diamond binoculars just hangin' wid ma bling. 
We headin for da river… 
I neva neva 
could believe a 
so we just gotta see a 
bird on the Bann - oh man, I freakin’ feel sick! 
What if it’s a trick and ma homies don’t getta tick! 
Dis bro’s not from da hood; hes a ‘yankee’ (just like me), 
I wanna see his shaggy crest while he’s sittin in da tree. 
He’s gotta cool blue band, kinda like an awesome belt, 
Man, he’s the slickest, cool-hand (‘hey, luke!’) evva dealt. 
This twitch is rockin’… Castle-rockin’… man, I’m flying high 
to the Cutt - 
cut to the chase, 
man, in-ya-face 
I can’t erase 
the mega message on the Nobirds blog - man those guys, 
they got me singin’,  
and ringin 
Flapline!  I love them dudes, I wanna marry  
and Barry 
and Harry 
and Garry,  
all the freakinMcGarrys! 
So, dis king, he’d betta be there or ma homies will git mad, 
dis record betta be true coz birding-baloney, it’s just so sad! 
I’m  listin to win it, 
but if it’s lies, 
just bin it, 
it’s only birding,