Thursday, 23 June 2016

Voting day

Its voting day, not in the Euro debate but in the Nobirds Records Committee! They get together three times a year, fly in their foreign representatives (who pays for that? I hope its not the members money!) They then vote on all the interesting things of the day! A little birdy has told me they have accepted Baikal Teal on to the Northern Ireland list!! But they haven't told anyone, how is that for style! We put it on the list over 8 years ago, slow learners or what! When and where are they going to publish this record or indeed any record? We are sure they will attempt to get someone else to do it, friggin lazy boys. Lets hope they advise on whether we should vote to stay in or out of the Eurozone we need advice from the wise men! Here is a hybrid Orchid its very exciting a Spotted x Marsh orchid, wonder should I submit the record to Nobirds?

Tuesday, 21 June 2016


it's not actually boring at all - this has led to a real-life fist-fight between myself and Derek. He threw in a sly dig but i knocked his mustachioed socks off

The easiest way to describe it is thus:

  • Derek can trace his family through a long line of Airfix Club members
  • Derek hates moths because they have more wings than birds
  • Derek ate a cat for fun, even though he thought it tasted stinkin'
  • Derek has a secret obsession with the smell of Canadian-made fabrics
  • Derek thinks grasshoppers want to burrow into his frontal lobe despite being reminded, on an almost daily basis, that they are herbivorous.
  • Derek is a member of several fundamentalist branches of christianity and islam at the same time - if he can get at least one other person to share his views he'll have successfully formed his own cult
Can you tell which side  of the euro-debate Derek is on?!? Win or lose I still decked him good and proper

All I can say is that he hates me playing 'filth' (as he would put it) like this:

and I'm drinking lager tonight for once - take that Derk the Berk the silly big I do not want to see you Twerking, last time was bad enough. 


No this isn't a dig at good old NoBirds! They are doing a fantastic job reporting such fantastic rarities as Belted Kingfisher, Great White Egret, American Eider, Red Rumped Swallow, Corn Bunting, Nightingale, Woodchat Shrike and of course Green Woodpecker amongst others!! Funny o so funny how NONE of them where ever ever seen again, classic Norbirds! Here are some Bee Orchids

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Derek the Hat-killer

Derek got his hat stolen twice in Downpatrick. Luckily he stole a box of hats in Tandragee so he didn't have to kill anybody that day

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Radio Dereking

Derek had a similar encounter to this song after somebody stole his baseball cap in Cookstown. He's still on the run - murder in the first degree, most police are just too scared of that moustache. if he grew a beard he'd be in the klinker by now, brother.

Radio Derek

Here's another classic performance by Derek - he's inside the piano

Wednesday, 8 June 2016