Tuesday, 21 June 2016


it's not actually boring at all - this has led to a real-life fist-fight between myself and Derek. He threw in a sly dig but i knocked his mustachioed socks off

The easiest way to describe it is thus:

  • Derek can trace his family through a long line of Airfix Club members
  • Derek hates moths because they have more wings than birds
  • Derek ate a cat for fun, even though he thought it tasted stinkin'
  • Derek has a secret obsession with the smell of Canadian-made fabrics
  • Derek thinks grasshoppers want to burrow into his frontal lobe despite being reminded, on an almost daily basis, that they are herbivorous.
  • Derek is a member of several fundamentalist branches of christianity and islam at the same time - if he can get at least one other person to share his views he'll have successfully formed his own cult
Can you tell which side  of the euro-debate Derek is on?!? Win or lose I still decked him good and proper

All I can say is that he hates me playing 'filth' (as he would put it) like this:

and I'm drinking lager tonight for once - take that Derk the Berk the silly big Twerk....ps I do not want to see you Twerking, last time was bad enough.