Thursday, 23 June 2016

Voting day

Its voting day, not in the Euro debate but in the Nobirds Records Committee! They get together three times a year, fly in their foreign representatives (who pays for that? I hope its not the members money!) They then vote on all the interesting things of the day! A little birdy has told me they have accepted Baikal Teal on to the Northern Ireland list!! But they haven't told anyone, how is that for style! We put it on the list over 8 years ago, slow learners or what! When and where are they going to publish this record or indeed any record? We are sure they will attempt to get someone else to do it, friggin lazy boys. Lets hope they advise on whether we should vote to stay in or out of the Eurozone we need advice from the wise men! Here is a hybrid Orchid its very exciting a Spotted x Marsh orchid, wonder should I submit the record to Nobirds?