Thursday, 21 July 2016

A real bird at Last!!

 In Nobirds La La Land there are loads of rare birds, very rare birds. its almost better than being on the Azores at times or that dump in Wexford Tacumshin! Its very strange that all are single observer records none are ever photographed or sound recorded and they all fly away never to be seen again. In the real world of Birding most rarities are multi observed and photographed its just Northern Ireland has that problem why is that!
When I heard Norman Milligan had found a Little Ringed Plover I thought ha ha a real bird at last I think I will go and see that. Why did I think It was real because Norman is a real birder, careful and honest. Norman sickened everyone's liver when he found and identified Northern Irelands first Ivory Gull and since then has found many more rarities in Northern Ireland and Scotland
So I sauntered down to Belfast and hey prestso a Little Ringed Plover and I managed some stunning photos! Some of them may be seagulls or terns! Well done Norman!