Monday, 25 July 2016

Fermanagh better than Wexford

 There is little doubt that Fermanagh is better for birding than Wexford, that's a given but these photos prove that the Round O in Enniskillen is better than Tacumshin. Over the years all the rare birds that have turned up there they have never had a Ring Billed Gull and that's a fact, but the Round O has, comprehensive proof if proof where needed that the Round O is the place to be! It has also had Wood Duck (take that Tacumshin) although how it got there with only one wing remains a mystery but it didn't come any closer than one metre, the local Mallards come as close as 2 inches again proving it was wild. It also has had Thayers Gull rubber stamping its credentials. Also you cant attract the rarities at Tacumshin with bread, you never see a photo of  a Greater Sand Plover with a slice of Brennans in its bake or a Western Sandpiper getting beat into a Veda but that's maybe because they don't have Veda in Wexford! Its much better living and birding in the North, we should do another report to prove it!