Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Good old Nobirds

 My friend Engelbert Humperdink rang last night to ask if I was ok. While agreeing that Fermanagh is the best birding County in Ireland apart from that colossus Co.Tyrone Engelbert was wondering why I hadn't given those boys at Nobirds a booting at the same time. I told Engelbert that there was no point as they are officially brilliant. They have produced no bird report in 9 years, overseen the demise of the NIBA, spent all the money (don't mention the money I did but I think I got away with it) removed anyone with a degree of sense, made Northern Ireland the top spot for birding in UK (who can forget UKs first Steppe Buzzard, Belted Kingfisher and the Pacific Diver that came back from the dead or was that the Spoonbill!), operated three complete shite blogs (why not operate one good one, radical idea I know!), they think the WOW Reserve is actually WOW! and generally promote birding in Northern Ireland to a point where outsiders think the only birds we get here are Reed Buntings and Common Sandpipers (that is apart from the constant stream of Megas) As I said to Engelbert I am leaving them alone to I read their 2009 - 2016 Bird Report it must be due out by the end of the Marching season. Here are more photos of a real rarity the Little Ringed Plover!