Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Wong Tailed Skua

 My friend Ian Wray told me he had photographed a rare bird off Portballintrae and he had photos. Flip me another twitch on the cards, recently I have went for the Nobirds Rare selection of Belted Kin gfisher, Night Heron, Nightingale, Red Rumped Swallow, Green Woodpecker, Corn Bunting I cant even remember the rest there has just been so many rarities in Nobirds Land over the past couple of months. Unfortunately I didn't see any of them I must be blind or I need to get a new pair of Binoculars that lets you see imaginary birds. I asked Ian what he had seen and he replied "it was one of those rare Skua things and it had been flying about the bay most of the day" I was all excited waiting for photos of a South Polar Skua or at worst a Long Tailed and when they hit the inbox I near hit Ian! An Arctic Skua, a nice bird but no South Polar and the photos were Nobirds standard complete shite. I told Ian to send them to Nobirds and tell them it was a Long tailed Skua, they would believe him, or is it a Long Tailed Skua! I cant wait for Ians next rarity I always keep the car full of diesel! What is going on with Nobirds Blog, not content with giving us shite bird news once a day they have once again upped their game, they have kindly posted the same bird news twice on 9th and 16th July and three times on the 8th July and 13th July, its mental torture they are trying to fill up Holywell, it must be some sort of cunning plan, or else one of the McGarrys has a job with a drugs company, it all makes sense.